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Number of employees



Personel files
Absences and vacations
Expense reports

Make your HR management easier for

CHF9.90 / employee / month
that makes CHF 495 / month, or CHF 5940 / year

Personnel files management

Personal data, CV, information on employment

CHF HT 9.90
/employee /month

Absences and vacations management

Scheduling, absences, team coordination

CHF HT 3.30
/employee /month/h6>

Expense reports management

Entry, viewing, analysis

CHF HT 3.30
/employee /month

La puissance de Storhy

Espaces différenciés, rapports et modèles de lettres, analyses et rapports, checklists et alertes, outil de communication, partage illimité de documents

Gestion des dossiers du personnel

Données personnelles, CV, information sur l’emploi

CHF HT 9.90
/employé /mois

Gestion des absences et vacances

Planning, absences, coordination d’équipes

CHF HT 3.30
/employé /mois

Gestion des notes de frais

Saisie, consultation, analyse

CHF HT 3.30
/employé /mois

Optimal flexibility.

Free trial
  • CHF 0 for implementation
  • Available immediately
  • Without commitment
  • Rates active users only
  • Without brackets of number of users

Flexibilité optimale.

  • CHF 0 d’implémentation
  • Disponible immédiatement
  • Sans engagement
  • Tarification des utilisateurs actifs uniquement
  • Sans tranches de nombre d’utilisateurs

Completely finance your subscription by being a sponsor.


For each company that uses Storhy by naming you as sponsor, you receive a discount of 10% of the amount of his invoice on your invoice. It is accruable! The more parties you sponsor, the more your monthly invoice decreases. When you bring in 10 times the number of employees of your own number of employees (regardless of the number of companies), it is your sponsored parties that allow you to use for Storhy free. Of course, a sponsored party can also become sponsors!


Your company has 50 employees. You will use Storhy for CHF 495.00/month.

You talk about Storhy to two entrepreneur friends. They try Storhy and are convinced! At the time of their registration, they name you as a sponsor.

The first company has 30 employees. They will use Storhy for CHF 297.00/month. They will decrease your monthly invoice by CHF 29.70 (10 %).

The second has 80 employees. They will use Storhy for CHF 792.00/month. They will decrease your monthly invoice by CHF 79.20 (10 %).

Instead of paying CHF 495.00/month, you can enjoy Storhy for CHF 386.10/month.

If 3 other companies with a workforce of 130 become your sponsored parties, they will again reduce your invoice of CHF 386.10/month following the same calculation and you will use Storhy for free.

Answering your questions

We know that the requirements of every company are specific, but we believe that the best for you is a solution that is simple and accessible, both functionally and economically. We do not offer custom configurations for ensuring you of affordable rates. Nevertheless we shall listen to all your suggestions, which you can send directly from the solution. Find out more by visiting the page [Your new module]
There is no time commitment. You can stop your Storhy subscription at any time and without notice. You can export your data in Excel format. Your data will be kept for one month and then permanently deleted. We nevertheless hope to serve you as long as possible!
You pay your subscription at the start of each month.
You can also benefit from a discount by paying for one year in advance.
Congratulations on your growth! You can create a new employee directly in your Storhy HR space. You shall begin to pay for this employee at the start of the following month.
If an employee leaves your company, you can disable his access to Storhy. He will no longer be counted as an active user and you will not pay anymore for him. You will still access to all his data.
You are charged only for active users, i.e. those who have a profile and are able to access Storhy. We take note of the number of users at the start of each month.
You do not pay for new employees (“future” status), nor for former employees (“inactive” status).

We shall be glad to shed additional light.