Collaborative platform

Everyone has access to what they need

Employee space


Managing his/her own personal and professional information.


Consult their own data related to employment, team and the company.


Send a request to HR: change of address, marital status, bank details, request an advance on wages, certificate, leaves, general questions to HR.

Be informed

Be more informed of what’s new in the company and stay aligned with the overall goals and objectives through imporved communication and polls.

Manager space


View the personal and professional data of a subordinate.

Handling the requests

View and approve absence requests of subordinates. Designate a delegate representative of the manager in case of absence.

Ensure tracking

Manage tasks, memos and configure alerts.


View key statistics and indicators on your dashboard.

HR space


Add an employee and manage the overall organizational structure.


View the personal and professional data of an employee. Ability to simultaneously view 2 employees’ data sheets.

Handling the requests

View and approve employee requests.

Ensure tracking

Track contract expiries, authorizations, work permits, medical information, and compliance certificates. Configure alerts.


Run queries: information or statistics on a specific subject (anniversaries, reasons of absences, turn over etc.). Check the quality of the data entered.

Manage checklists

Create smart checklists and reminders: ie.e what steps to take for new employee hires or departures, a change in marital status etc.


Communicate with the entire company through group messaging and polls.


Manage your Storhy subscription; define the roles of employees and types of contracts.