Storhy simplifie la gestion des données RH.

Fini la charge administrative, les feuilles Excel, les « entre-deux portes ».

Storhy simplifie la gestion des données RH.

Fini la charge administrative, les feuilles Excel, les « entre-deux portes ».

Personnel files management

Storhy simplifies HR process and data management.

Simple, complet, familier.

Essai gratuit

Les données personnelles et professionnelles du collaborateur sont toutes au même endroit : coordonnées, CV, attestations…

L’employé peut lui-même gérer ses informations avec ou sans autorisations RH : coordonnées, assurances,…

Les descriptions du poste de l’employé, son contrat, et les informations reliées à son travail sont à sa disposition.

  • Centralise

    All personal and functional employee data is conveniently stored and managed from one location: contact details, CVs, certificates, contracts etc.

  • Empower

    Employees can self-manage their profile information with or without HR’s permission: contact details, insurance, banking, dependents etc.

  • Share

    Employee’s job descriptions, contracts and other details are readily accessible for view.


  • Identity
  • Contact details
  • Spouse and children
  • Emergency contact
  • Medical information
  • Identity documents and driving licence
  • Bank details
  • Authorisations


  • Authorisations
  • Areas of expertise
  • Languages
  • Training and Education
  • Documents

My employment

  • Contract
  • Assignments

The information specified may be directly entered into the solution.
A document storage feature is also available for additional information that may be useful to your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each employee has access to the solution. There he enters his information and submits his requests to HR. The information is presented differently according to its type: table, calendar, form, etc. Try Storhy for discovering the same visually!
Yes and no. It depends on the information under consideration. Employees must initiate a change request to HR for any personal record changes such as: change of civil status, contact details, dependents, banking information etc. Once the HR mamanger is informed (see the Tasks and Alerts page) requests are validated and the changes effected. The employee can make changes without HR approval to areas such as his CV (professional experiences, areas of expertise, languages, education, degrees, etc.).

Yes! Storhy offers 4 levels with different permissions: employee, manager, supervisor (manager of the manager), HR Generalist. Find out more about this on Storhy’s unique work spaces page.

As much as you want! We don’t pre-set storage limits. As such, you’ll have all the space you need. The only limit is the size of the file that you can export: 600 Mb. For example, you cannot import an hour and a half long movie in Storhy. But the trick would be to break up the film in several parts!
Storhy allows going beyond purely administrative management and allows you to have enough hindsight for making the correct decisions. You can create your own analyses, by pre-selecting the information you want to put in perspective. You’ll also have access to a pre-established library of queries:
– Workforce (simple, according to type of contract, age, gender, etc.: “How many employees have a CDI (permanent employment contract? “)
– Skills related to the CV (“which employees speak B2 level of a secondary language? “)
– Expiry (contracts, authorisations, etc.)
– List of change requests
Find out more about this on Analyses and requests page.
Yes! Storhy is available in French and English. Each employee chooses his preferred language. These two languages are included in your offer; you do not have to pay any extra charges.
It is possible! You’ll just need to prepare an Excel file with the contents of the columns to match Storhy’s before importing it. You can choose this process and import records in one click or simply create your employees records one by one: it doesn’t take that long
It is possible and it is free! You’re only invoiced for active employees, i.e. the employees who have access to Storhy. You can create an employee record for someone who will be joining your company in a few weeks.
It is possible! When adding a document in an employee’s file, you can decide whether it’s visible or not to the manager and the employee.
It is possible! Storhy allows you to store the salaries of each of your employees month by month, in various currencies.
It is possible! Storhy offers you a dedicated training sessions’ page: you edit the list of available courses for your company and then you assign them to the employees they pertain.
Yes, it’s possible! Your HR administrative manager can be granted permission to “edit the lists”. This will allow for changes, removals and additions to the choices that your employees see in a list. For example, the list of authorisations, training sessions or currencies etc.

Feel free to contact us with other questions. We’re here to support you and ensure your success!

Storhy, a success.

Less paper, more time and better managed process for employees and managers.