Storhy optimise votre coordination.

4 clics et 1 coup d’œil.

Storhy optimise votre coordination.

4 clics et 1 coup d’œil.

Absences and vacations

Storhy helps you optimize your organization.

Etonnamment visuel.

Essai gratuit

  • 4 clicks et 1 blink

    Two clicks for your employees, two clicks for you and absences are recorded and approved.

  • A large vision

    View the schedules of all employees for efficiently organising the teams.

  • A collaborative solution

    Employees can easily view their vacation leave balances.

Deux clics pour vos employés, deux clics pour vous, et les absences sont approuvées.

Visionnez les plannings de tous les collaborateurs, pour organiser efficacement les équipes.

Les employés consultent leur solde de vacances facilement.

Managing the absences with Storhy


  • Manage my schedule
  • View my team’s schedule


  • Make a vacation request
  • Manage the days not worked
  • Manage lengthy periods of absence
  • Announce the absence of a colleague
  • View my leave balance


  • View my subordinate’s schedule
  • Approve absences
  • Analyse the absences

The right process

The employee makes a request for an absence synchronised with the team’s work/absence schedule. This makes it easy for their manager and HR to approve the request.
Employees, managers and HR have different spaces and permissions within Storhy. Find out more about the collaborative platform

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There’s a return on investiment.

Nombre d’employés


Salaires horaire

Collaborateur : CHF
Dirigeant ou RH : CHF

Number of employees



Employee : CHF
Manager or HR : CHF

Coût sans Storhy


Coût avec Storhy


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Essai gratuit

  • Before
    Drafting an email request to HR to confirm vacation and leave balances 2 min
    Checking the employee’s balance from an Excel spreadsheet and replying to the email 2 min
    Drafting an email request to HR for an absence 2 min
    Handling of the absence request by HR and answering back the employee 5 min

  • After
    Online viewing of the balance by the employee and submission of the absence request 1 min
    Viewing the team’s schedules and approval of the request 1 min

Time spent without Storhy:

  • 120 min per month for the employees
  • 210 min per month for manager or HR

That makes CHF 235 /month.

Time spent with Storhy:

  • 30 min per month for the employee
  • 30 min per month for manager or HR

That makes CHF 40 /month.

Cost without Storhy


Cost with Storhy


Cost of the module


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Free trial
  • Avant
    Rédaction d’un mail de demande au RH pour connaître son solde de vacances 2 min
    Consultation du solde de l’employé consigné dans une feuille Excel, et réponse au mail 2 min
    Rédaction d’un mail de demande au RH pour poser une absence 2 min
    Traitement de la demande d’absence par le RH, et réponse au collaborateur 5 min
  • Après
    Consultation en ligne de son solde par l’employé et dépôt de la demande de vacances 1 min
    Consultation des plannings de l’équipe et approbation de la demande 1 min
  • Temps passé :

    • 120 min par mois pour les collaborateurs
    • 210 min par mois pour le dirigeant ou le RH

    Soit 235 CHF/mois.

  • Temps passé :

    • 30 min par mois pour les collaborateurs
    • 30 min par mois pour le dirigeant ou le RH

    Soit 40 CHF/mois.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employees would login to Storhy and click on the link “Manage my absences”. Next, they would review their personal schedule and that of their workgroup before simply selecting the absence period they are requesting. A window appears allowing the user to input: reason for the absence, specific dates, and a justification and comment for future reference. The employee then validates the request and it is sent to their manager and HR for approval.

The manager and HR receive an automatic email about this request. They click the link for viewing their team’s schedule and either approve or reject the requested absence.

The absences may be validated by the direct manager, by the supervisor (N+2), or by HR.

Storhy offers the option of specifying a temporary or permanent delegated representative of the manager for the absences validation and approval

Storhy offers the option of specifying a temporary or permanent delegated representative of the manager for the absences validation and approval
A “delegated representative” space will appear on the home screen of the delegated representative. The designated representative will have management rights assigned to them enabling for validation and approval of absence requests
The manager always receives notifications relating to absence requests and approvals of their subordinates
You can edit the lists of the types of absences to match your internal descriptions and requirements.
The standard types of absences are as follows:
Sick leave (with proof)
Special leave (family)
Anticipation of holidays
Compensation for overtime
Absence for day worked
Unpaid absence (with proof)
Yes, this is one of the features that make managing absences so efficient with Storhy! Employees can review their leave balance in real-time without sending a request to HR.
An employee may view the schedule for his team and the company.
Employees’ can easily see which colleagues are present, absent and are planning to be.
The reason for an absence (except for training) is hidden from all oyher employees to esnure employees’ confidentiality.
Yes, employees’ can cancel in just two clicks from their personal work space by clicking on the absence concerned and then click “cancel the absence”.
The managers and HR may refuse a leave request.
They can attach a comment for the employee in order to justify the rejection.
The absence will not be added to the employee’s schedule or allocation
Emails are sent to HR, managers and employees when a process is initiated or completed (for example requests for changes, leave requests, etc.).
Yes, a quick look up table allows you to easily view all of the various requests pending, approved or rejected.
Storhy allows your employees to view their leave balances in real time.
As HR, you’ll have access to the leave balances of all your employees.
You will have to specify the employee’s rights and leave balances each year. You will also have the option (depending on your policy) of carrying-over the balance from the previous year.
Storhy offers you two dates options for the leaves:
From 01 January to 31 December
From 01 June to 31 May (Year + 1)
Yes, Storhy allows you to fill in your collective agreement.
You can create your collective agreement by editing the list.
Then, for each employee, you can specify the category, coefficient, classification, position and grade.
This is purely indicative and does not affect entitlements. You must then manually set your employees’ leave entitlements.
Yes, you can manage part-time worker activity
When a part-time workers submit leave requests their balances are calculated according to the aggregate of their part-time work. 
For example, if a four day absence is requeted including one non-working day, the leave balance is reduced by only three days.
Storhy allows populating a lengthy period of absence (maternity and full-time child-care leave in particular).
Yes, Storhy takes into consideration statuatory and other holidays specific to each company policy.
You can also add group absences for all or a portion of your employees.
Yes! The employee or HR can enter:
The description of the accident including: type, location, date, time, additional details and comments
Specific circumstances of the accident including: cause, injuries, third party etc.
The injuries observed (part of the body, type of injury, location where the victim was taken, additional details)
The management of the accident
The monitoring post accident (lost work, recovery process, relapse, etc.)
Storhy allows you to keep a history of all accidents for analysis
The absences module does not manage attendance time: clocking, overtime, etc. These features are included in our “Time Management”, which is under construction!
However, it is possible to adjust the leave balances, for example in the event where over-time must be compensated.
Yes! You can export your employees’ schedule in to Excel and PDF.
You can analyse useful company wide absence statistics such as: durations, frequency, reasons of absences.
Analysis of contiguous absences ensures that all your employees have been correctly allocated 10 consecutive days during the year.
Analysing the leaves per month allows you to easily see the balance of your employees work schedule for the year.
The analyses also highlights data consistency. In the case of absences, for example, you can quickly view what overlaps might exist.
You can also view and export your employees schedule to PDF or Excel format to reference who ispresent or absent.
You can also export a work group report in Excel format: a summary of leaves and absences according to group of employees.