Storhy maintains your data in a safe and secure location.

Benefit from the Cloud. Gain peace of mind.

All your data is kept on safe, reliable and secure servers in Switzerland and Canada

You can access your data at all times, from everywhere, irrespective of your device.

Daily backups prevent any loss of your data.

When deactivating an account, data is retained for one month and then permanently deleted from the servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cloud is the ability to store data on remote servers. It isessentially the remote shoring of IT infrastructure.
Without the Cloud, you would need to install our software on a server at your premise and ensure you have technical resources to manage the server, networks and security.

With the Cloud, a hosting provider takes care of all these technical concerns for you.

SaaS means “Software as a Service”. Storhy is available only in SaaS format so there’s no installation nor IT support resources required at your company to deploy it.

A SaaS software uses the Cloud!

The Cloud offers great flexibility and is very easy to use.
Thanks to the Cloud, you can have Storhy up and running for your buisness right away!
The Cloud allows us to offer attractive rates by allowing us to utlize a shared, secure server platform
With the Cloud, you can access Storhy from anywhere and at any time, with just an internet connection.
With the Cloud, you don’t have to worry about updates, IT infrastructure issues or security. You simply “plug and play”.
You don’t need to buy a license to use Storhy. With the Cloud feature, you essentially rent the software thus lowering your fixed costs and giving you greater flexibility.
Your data is hosted on secure servers in Europe and in Canada. We have worked with our hosting providers for many years on behalf of our customers including renowned banks. You can check out our hosting provider’s web site providers: Interoute.
Your data is instantly updated with Storhy
The time it takes for one click will get you started!
To access your Storhy, you can simply fill in the form at Essai gratuit. We will send you your custom URL (“mycompany” and your personal access information. This will become your peronal version of Storhy after your trial period!
You can include your company’s technical manager in your Storhy project. But the fact that Storhy is on the Cloud means that his services are not required. It is the business (you), who decides!
You simply need a web browser and internet access For using Storhy!

Storhy will appreciate you all the more if you use it with a smile … but we have no doubt about it! 🙂