Storhy vous fait gagner du temps.

La fin d’un casse-tête chronophage.

Expense reports

Storhy saves you time.

Storhy vous fait gagner du temps.

La fin d’un casse-tête chronophage.

Une bonne visibilité des dépenses. Facilement transmis au comptable.

Moins de papier, plus de temps. Des risques d’erreur mieux maîtrisés.

Accessible 24h/24, de n’importe où, même avec un travail nomade.

  • Improved visibility of expenses and streamlined accounting.

  • Less paper shuffling, better controls and less potential for errors.

  • Available 24/7, from anywhere, even when working remotely.

Report expenses with Storhy

My expense reports

  • Submit an expense report
  • Import supporting documents
  • Add comments
  • View the reimbursement status


  • Be alerted when a new expense report is submitted
  • Validate or reject the expense report
  • Make employees aware of their responsibilities


  • View the company expense reports
  • View the expenses of a particular employee or employee group
  • Filter the expenses by category

The right process.

  • The employee

    The employee submits an expense report from his/her own account. The employee imports supporting documents directly joined to the expense report.

  • The manager

    The manager is informed that his/her subordinate has submitted an expense report. He/She can validate or reject the expense report, having all the information at hand.

  • The HR and accountings

    The HR specify the accounting information: the employee is interested to know when the expense report will be reimbursed. The HR can send to the accountings the variable pay elements very easily. The expenses can be analyzed and filter to have a better understanding of what is going on in your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can edit the types of expenses that can be reported.

The standard type of expenses included are as follows:
Home office internet
Vehicle maintenance
Posts (postage, etc.)
Air fare
Bus fare
Train fare
Rental car
Fuel expense

Swiss Francs
U.S. Dollars
Canadian Dollars
Employees would click on “Expense report” from their personal work place and then click “Add”.
The employee would enter a report title, reporting period, details for each expense by category, currency and add supporting documents (receipts)
Expense details are captured in a table (date, type, assignment, justification, location, etc.) and then finalized in the expense report.
The manager and HR are notified when a new expense report is submitted.
They have access to an overall picture of the company expenses and can approve or reject expense report requests.
Employees can follow the approval staus of their expense report in real time.
Yes, documents can be imported to support the expense report at the time of its creation.
The expense report analysis includes:
The list of expense reports sorted by employee and approval status
Overall company expenses
Approved expense reports for accounting, according to date of processing
Employees, managers and HR are informed during the creation and validation of expense report.
What happens in the event an expense report is rejected by the manager or HR?

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We’re here to support you and ensure Storhy is a success for your organization!

Storhy, a pleasure.

Entering expense reports is no longer cumbersome and time consuming.

We save time and have greater visibility to our expenses.

And between us…I spend far less time now that I can view my report directly!

– A Storhy pilot client